TW Creative Therapy, LLC​
Tanya Wenig, LCPC​
Individual/Family Counseling
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.(George Bernard Shaw)
Therapy Approach
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Creative Therapy
and Mindfulness.
We work together with our clients to create individualized treatment plans inorder to improve the therapy experience and outcome. We work with individuals of all ages who are finding it difficult to manage their mental health issues and/or life stressors on their own.
At TW Creative Therapy we are dedicated to providing exceptional care through the combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Creative Therapy and mindfulness strategies.
​Some of the services we provide are listed below
  1. Individual Counseling
    Your counselor will meet individually with you on a weekly or "as needed" basis and explore challenges you may be experiencing along with therapeutic strategies.
  2. Child/Adolescent Counseling
    A combination of Creative Therapy and Play therapy will be used to address your child's needs. Your counselor will work collaboratively with you (parent) to foster success for your child.
  3. Family Counseling
    Your counselor will utilize a variety of strategies to work towards improving family function through family sessions with all members and/or individually.

Group Therapy

"The world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions, including yours." (Ken Hakuta)
We are developing several groups such as Adult Creative Therapy groups which will utilize creative activities as strategies to treat depression and anxiety; Adolescent Creative Therapy groups which will also utilize creative strategies to foster confidence and address teen issues; Family Creative Therapy groups and Parenting groups which will focus on family issues and will also offer as a support.